Where I Am

I’m in my ‘late-mid’ 50s. There aren’t any milestone birthdays this year. If you asked me how old I am I’d have to give it some thought. 28? 37? 42? Those all sound about right.

People who are the same age as me are retiring. My friends that are at the exact same stage in life are calling it quits, giving up their profession and committing to sleep late and golf every day are retiring. There’s literally saying, “I plan to wear shorts and flip flops every day and sit on a chair in the sun.” (Okay, their skin is going to look like death, but whatever.)

And here I am. I’m still getting started! I’m studying for certification exams, practicing languages that I haven’t spoken since I was 15, learning to play the piano, planning what will go in the garden in 10 years. And they’re retiring?

This can’t be the beginning of the end because I have too much I want to do!


Canadian-American making a life in the southeastern U.S. with my good husband and our cats.

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